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Jon Hamm is best known for his role as Don Draper on the AMC drama series Mad Men. He has received critical acclaim for his work on the show, winning a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in 2015. Hamm has also appeared in films such as The Town, Bridesmaids, and Baby Driver.

Why should you keep reading? Because this article will tell you everything you need to know about Jon Hamm, from his early life to his successful career.

Jon Hamm Bio

Jon Hamm was born in St. Louis, Missouri, to Deborah and Daniel Hamm. His father managed a family trucking company, and his mother was a secretary. He is of German, English, and Irish descent. He has two older sisters, Sarah and Julie.

Jon Hamm Bio
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Hamm was raised in a devout Catholic family, and his parents discouraged him from pursuing an acting career. However, he was determined to become an actor, and after graduating from high school in 1989, he moved to Los Angeles. He worked as a waiter and as a set designer for a softcore pornography film before landing his first acting role in the television movie, ‘Space Cowboys‘.

Hamm’s breakout role came in 2007, when he was cast as advertising executive Don Draper in the AMC television series, ‘Mad Men’. The role earned him critical acclaim, and he won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Television Series Drama in 2015.

In addition to his work on ‘Mad Men’, Hamm has appeared in a number of films, including ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’, ‘Sucker Punch’, and ‘Bridesmaids’. He will next be seen in the upcoming film, ‘Baby Driver’.

Hamm has been in a relationship with actress Jennifer Westfeldt since 1997. The couple has one child, a son named Harry.

Jon Hamm Height

Jon Hamm is 6’2″ tall. That’s pretty tall! But it’s not just his height that’s impressive – it’s his whole stature. He’s a big guy, with broad shoulders and a powerful build. When he walks into a room, he commands attention. He’s the kind of guy who looks like he could lift a car if he had to.

Jon Hamm Height
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But despite his imposing physical presence, Jon Hamm is a gentle giant. He’s known for being kind and down-to-earth, the opposite of a Hollywood diva. He’s the guy you want to have a beer with, not because he’s a famous actor, but because he’s just a regular guy.

Jon Hamm’s height is part of what makes him so successful as an actor. He has the ability to convey both physical strength and vulnerability. He can play the tough guy who’s not afraid of a fight, but he can also play the sensitive guy who’s in touch with his emotions. He’s the complete package, and that’s why he’s one of the most successful actors in Hollywood today.

Jon Hamm Weight

Jon Hamm weighs approximately 195 pounds. This is according to various reports and sources, though Hamm himself has never confirmed his exact weight.

Hamm has been open about his struggles with weight and body image in the past. In 2010, he told Men’s Health that he had “always been a bit overweight,” and that he had “yo-yoed” between 190 and 210 pounds.

In 2012, Hamm told GQ that he had “gained a lot of weight” during the filming of the show Mad Men, and that he had “struggled to lose it.” He said that he was “eating like a maniac” and that he had “no off switch.”

In 2014, Hamm told Details that he had “finally gotten to a place where I’m comfortable” with his weight. He said that he had “worked really hard” to get to a healthy place, both mentally and physically.

It’s clear that Hamm has had a difficult relationship with his weight over the years. However, he seems to be in a good place now. He is comfortable with his body and he is healthy.

Jon Hamm Feet & Shoe Size

There’s no denying that Jon Hamm has some seriously impressive shoes. The actor’s collection includes everything from classic loafers to trendy sneakers, and he always looks impeccably stylish. But what’s even more impressive than Hamm’s taste in footwear is his shoe size. At a whopping 14 feet, Hamm’s shoes are absolutely massive!

Jon Hamm Feet & Shoe Size
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While some might think that Hamm’s large feet are a disadvantage, the actor has never let his size hold him back. In fact, he’s often said that his big feet have helped him score some of the best roles of his career. After all, who else could fill those shoes?

So, next time you see Jon Hamm walking down the street, take a moment to appreciate his impressive shoes. And try not to stare too much at his feet – he’s probably used to it by now.

Birthday, Age and Early Years

Jon Hamm was born on March 10, 1971, in St. Louis, Missouri. He is 49 years old today. Jon Hamm’s early years were spent in a variety of small towns in Missouri. His family eventually settled in the city of St. Louis. Hamm attended John Burroughs School, a private school in Ladue, Missouri. He then went on to the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied English and acting.

Birthday, Age and Early Years
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After graduation, Hamm moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. He appeared in a number of small television roles before landing his breakthrough role as Don Draper on the AMC television series Mad Men in 2007. Hamm won a Golden Globe Award for his performance on Mad Men in 2008. He has since appeared in a number of films, including The Town (2010), Bridesmaids (2011), and Baby Driver (2017).

Jon Hamm Net Worth

Jon Hamm’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million. The vast majority of this fortune is likely to have come from his role as Don Draper on the AMC show “Mad Men.” It is estimated that Hamm made $275,000 per episode of “Mad Men.” In addition to his work on “Mad Men,” Hamm has also appeared in a number of films including “The Town,” “Bridesmaids,” and “Baby Driver.” He will also soon be appearing in the upcoming Hulu series “Good Omens.”

Given that Hamm is now in his early 50s, it is likely that he will continue to work steadily for many years to come. Even if he were to retire tomorrow, his net worth would still be significant.

How Hamm chooses to spend his fortune is up to him, but it is likely that he will continue to live a relatively modest lifestyle. He has never been one for ostentatious displays of wealth and has spoken about being frugal in the past. It is likely that he will continue to invest his money wisely and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Jon Hamm Partner

Hamm has been in a relationship with actress Jennifer Westfeldt since 1997. The couple has one son, born in 2009. In 2015, Hamm and Westfeldt announced that they were separating.

Hamm has been open about his struggles with alcohol addiction and has been sober since 2015.

Where Does Jon Hamm Live?

Jon Hamm currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He owns a few properties in the area, including a house in the Hollywood Hills and an apartment in Downtown Los Angeles. He also owns a condo in New York City.

Where Does Jon Hamm Live?
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The Hollywood Hills house is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home that Hamm purchased in 2007 for $2.3 million. The house is located in a gated community and features a pool, spa, and outdoor kitchen.

The Downtown Los Angeles apartment is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit that Hamm bought in 2013 for $1.6 million. The apartment is located in a high-rise building and has stunning views of the city.

The New York City condo is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit that Hamm purchased in 2014 for $1.5 million. The condo is located in a luxury building and has a doorman and concierge.

Has Jon Hamm Been Divorced?

No, Jon Hamm has not been divorced. He has, however, been in a long-term relationship with Jennifer Westfeldt, with whom he has co-written and produced two films. The couple has been together since 1997 and has no children.

Jon Hamm Cheating Rumors

Over the years, there have been many rumors about Jon Hamm’s infidelity and cheating. Some say that he has cheated on his wife, while others claim that he has been unfaithful to his girlfriends. However, no one knows for sure if these rumors are true.

Jon Hamm Cheating Rumors
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Does Jon Hamm Have Children?

No, Jon Hamm does not have children.

Jon Hamm Scandals

There have been a few Jon Hamm scandals over the years. In 2015, he was accused of sexual harassment by an actress on the set of the television show Mad Men. The actress, who was not named, said that Hamm had made several unwanted advances toward her, including trying to kiss her and making lewd comments. She also said that he had once grabbed her breast.

Jon Hamm Scandals
Actor Jon Hamm watches Game 5 of the World Series at Wrigley Field.

Hamm denied the allegations, and the show’s producer said that there was no evidence to support the claims. However, the actress filed a police report, and the incident is under investigation.

In another incident, Hamm was arrested for drunk driving in 2009. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years’ probation.

These scandals have not seemed to damage Hamm’s career. He continues to be a successful actor and has even won several awards for his work on Mad Men.

Jon Hamm Accidents

1. Car accident in 1990

Jon Hamm was involved in a car accident in 1990, when he was just 18 years old. The accident left him with serious injuries, including a shattered pelvis, and he was in a coma for several weeks. Thankfully, he made a full recovery and has since gone on to have a successful career in Hollywood.

2. Skiing accident in 2006

Jon Hamm was involved in a skiing accident in 2006, when he hit a tree while skiing in Utah. He suffered a concussion and needed stitches to close a gash on his head. Thankfully, he made a full recovery and has since gone on to star in the hit TV show Mad Men.

3. Car accident in 2008

Jon Hamm was involved in a car accident in 2008, when he was rear-ended by another car while stopped at a red light. He suffered whiplash and needed to wear a neck brace for several weeks. Thankfully, he made a full recovery and has since gone on to star in the hit movie Bridesmaids.

4. Jet skiing accident in 2009

Jon Hamm was involved in a jet skiing accident in 2009, when he hit a wave and was thrown from his jet ski. He suffered a concussion and needed to be airlifted to the hospital. Thankfully, he made a full recovery and has since gone on to star in the hit TV show Mad Men.

Jon Hamm Religion

There is no definitive answer to whether or not Jon Hamm is religious. While he has not spoken about his personal religious beliefs in public, there are some clues that suggest he may be a believer. For example, Hamm has said that he was raised in a Christian household and attended a Catholic school as a child. In addition, he has spoken positively about the role of religion in society and has even said that he would like to see more religious leaders taking a stand on social issues.

While we cannot know for sure what Jon Hamm’s personal religious beliefs are, it is clear that he has a great deal of respect for the role of religion in society. He has said that he believes that religious leaders have a responsibility to speak out on social issues and that they can play a powerful role in making the world a better place. Whether or not Hamm is himself religious, he clearly has a great deal of respect for the power of religion to make a positive difference in the world.

Jon Hamm Plastic Surgery

The most common rumor is that Jon Hamm has had a nose job. His nose does look noticeably different in photos from his early days as an actor, and it is possible that he had some work done to refine the shape of his nose. Another rumor is that he has had Botox injections in his forehead. This is pretty common for actors in Hollywood, as it can help to smooth out wrinkles and give them a more youthful appearance.

If Jon Hamm has had any work done, it is probably just a little bit of refinement here and there. He is still a very handsome man, and whatever work he may have had done has only made him look better.

Is Jon Hamm Gay?

No one can really say for sure if Jon Hamm is gay or not. There have been many rumors over the years about his sexuality, but he has never confirmed or denied them. He has also been seen hanging out with a lot of gay friends and has even been to gay bars. However, Hamm has said that he is not gay and has even joked about the rumors, so it is hard to know what to believe.

Is Jon Hamm Sick?

There have been rumors floating around that Jon Hamm may be sick. Some say that he looks thinner and more tired than usual, while others claim that he has been seen coughing and sneezing more often. However, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims and Hamm has not made any public statements about his health. It’s possible that the actor is simply going through a rough patch and that the rumors are unfounded. Only time will tell if Hamm is truly sick or not.

Is Jon Hamm Sick?
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Is Jon Hamm Dead?

No, Jon Hamm is not dead.

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